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We use only Specialty Grade beans - Specialty grade is a technical term that applies to about the top 3% of coffee beans produced worldwide.  Not only do these beans taste the best, they are also the healthiest!  

Our beans are Shade Grown at High Altitude (over 3,000ft above sea level).  This produces the healthiest and most delicious coffee beans. 


Coffee is naturally healthy - it is full of antioxidants, minerals, and polyphenols your body needs to function optimally. Typical commercial-grade coffee is produced with huge amounts of chemical fertilizer and synthetic pesticides.  Often it also contains trace amounts of mycotoxins.  Is it any wonder that people feel anxious, jittery and have digestive issues from drinking it? 

That's why Edge Coffee is always Certified Organic, and tested in a 3rd party lab and found to have no detectable trace of mycotoxin. 


We stand behind our coffee.  If it's not the best coffee you've ever drank, it's on us. 


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