Strong, smooth, great tasting coffee!

Typically, I need a lot of coffee grounds to make coffee that is strong enough for my preference, but not with Edge. This coffee is so high quality that you can cut back on the amount of grounds used and still have a great tasting, full-of-flavor cup of coffee! Very economical! Makes great cold brew as well!


Great coffee

Brought a bag of this on a camping trip and everyone loved it, great tasting coffee

Josh S.

Love it!

I love this coffee! The taste is excellent; I hardly ever drink black coffee but I can drink this black. I love the fact that it’s tested and mold free as I try to be very aware of what I’m eating and drinking! This coffee also doesn’t give me “jitters” like some other coffee brands do. I also like that I can help support entrepreneurs in poverty with this coffee. Seems like such a cool way to help someone get on their feet. Buy this coffee!


Well done!

I was skeptical to see how this project with such a noble cause was going to turn out in the cup. Kudos! From a specialty coffee snob's perspective, you put together an amazing product. Looking forward to seeing what you do next


Good coffee - Aromatic, smooth and easy to drink with a clean finish

Just cracked open my bag of whole bean and made up a batch in the french press. Great nutty flavor, low bitterness - You can tell this is good coffee. I drink my coffee black and this is up there with some of my favorite local roasters.