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We use only specialty grade, organic coffee beans.  These are roasted with scientific precision to achieve the perfect flavor and antioxidant content.  


Conventional coffee beans are one the most heavily chemically treated foods in the world. Ingestion of these chemicals have been linked to diseases from diabetes to Parkinson's. That's why we only use 100% Certified Organic beans.

Here's a great article about the importance of organic coffee. 

Mold and Mycotoxin Free 

Studies find that 1/3 (or more!) of coffee tested have mycotoxins present.  We find this unacceptable. That's why our coffee is lab tested and guaranteed to be mold and mycotoxin free.  Click here to learn more


Our standards are so high, only 3% of the world's coffee beans could make the cut. To qualify, the beans can have minimal.  Additionally the beans must all be perfectly ripe, with just the right amount of moisture.  Not only does this ensure the best possible taste, but it is key to creating the healthiest possible coffee. Broken beans burn during the roasting process and release acrylamide, a toxic carcinogen. 

Drinking coffee is strongly associated with many positive health outcomes and even overall longevity.  We believe that drinking toxin-free health coffee from Edge is an extremely healthy habit. 

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