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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is it ok to freeze a bag until we are ready to use it?

A: The consensus in the coffee-world is that freezing coffee can make it taste a little off – no real harm though. 

Better news!  At Edge, we use nitrogen flushing system to eliminate over 99.5% of the oxygen in the bag so that the coffee stays fresh for up to 6 months instead of 1-3 weeks!

We also have subscription options available so you can have one months’ worth of coffee arrive at your doorstep each month 😊

Cold Brew

Q: I like to have some home brewed cold brew. Would this be any good? 

A: Yes!  I've tried this Edge coffee as a cold brew and it was FANTASTIC!


Q: I’m a fan of darker roasts / Will you have a variety of Roast options or just the medium roast?

A: I like dark roasts as well. Usually cheaper / lower quality beans are made into dark roasts because all dark-roasts end up tasting basically the same. My friend Katy always used to prefer dark roasts, but found that our medium roast had a flavor that was even better.

I've done some research into how to maximize the health benefits of coffee. Long story short, in lighter roasts there is a little bit of acrylamide (which isn't great) and in dark roasts there is less chlorogenic acid (which is really healthy).

We've honed in on the perfect temperature to cook the beans, to maximize their flavor and the health benefits. For the time being, we will only have medium roast available, but we'll add dark roasts if we can find a way to make them just as healthy.

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I'm confident you will love it! - So confident that we'll offer you a $100 refund if you don't! 

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