What is specialty health coffee?

I could talk for hours about the differences between commercial-coffee and specialty health coffee.  I won't, but let me give you the basics:

  • Specialty coffee is a specific grade of coffee beans.  Samples of the beans are examined and if they have very few minor flaws and no major flaws, they can get the Specialty title. 
  • Flaws, such as broken and chipped beans burn (yuck) and the healthy compounds burn off and leave behind carcinogens! 
  • These flaws also are prone to attract the growth of mold, yeast and mycotoxins.
  • Only drink organic coffee!  Coffee is treated with more pesticides than almost any other food.  This is bad for your health.  (It's also bad for the farmers and local environment)
Edge Coffee is always processed end-to-end with your health in mind. 

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